I discussed materiality in our tutorials again this week.  Mainly how we understand the world through our interaction with materiality (the material world).

Ken has suggested I get the Oliver Sacks books The Island of The Colour Blind to read for my presentation which I have ready ordered on Amazon.

I have decided to continue with the idea of basing my research around how those with sensory processing disorders as part of autism experience the world and how they their experience can be improved through creatively exploring materiality.

To this end as well as my interview with Dr Simone Gumtau about the MEDIATE project, I plan to interview artists with an ASD and sensory problems about their experience interacting with materials and whether they believe their work is positively or negatively affected by their disorder.  I hope to speak to Jon Adams and Rosamund Smears about this.  I am also hoping to speak with Jo Grace about her Structured Sensory Art Project and find out more about it to see if it is relevant.

In the seminar we discussed how the relationship between the context of materiality is as important as the material itself.  I think this is particularly true when it comes to looking at the experience of those with sensory processing disorders; I am interested in whether there is an element of control that plays a part in this.