Dementia Bookcase….. Stage 2

So today was quite a good day in many ways…. especially after my retort from the council yesterday (to my email questioning why they had reneged on our partnership citing budget issues).  Anyhow today was much better.

I spent three hours today trawling around charity shops (well the ones I could get my wheelchair in), looking for typical children’s books form the 1930s – 1950s in good condition, books a woman in her 30s – 40s would have read in the 1960s/70s and books that same woman would read in the 1980s/90s

It was in fact shocking how much I spent over 4 charity shops.  However I now have most of the books I was looking for.  I also managed to pick up some frames and a knickknack circa 1976.

So this evening I decided I needed to crack on with my dementia bookcase.  As I stated the other day I got my husband to drill my holes….

Today I attached my various pieces of wallpaper, each denoting a separate time period into the bookcase.  After fitting the pieces, which was very difficult owing to the bookcase being already built  I set about destroying the top two tiers.  This symbolises the memory  being eroded, the gaps in what was once whole.

I then set about covering the top 3 shelves in silk emulsion , being very careful to protect the bottom shelf, which for the analogy to work, remain perfect.  This was done in a very haphazard way, using a bamboo stick to drizzle the paint in a dislocated fashion.  Stopping and starting again, throwing the paint around  in a confused manner, representing the confusion and messiness of the demented brain.

Tomorrow I start the sanding process and the staging and distressing of objects.