Who am I?

This is not a statement, that is here

So who the hell am I?  Well I have often wondered that myself.  In fact I am still not quite sure but here goes.

I am a visual artist, arts organiser, soc ent director and sometime poet from Hampshire, England and I love to create things.  I work predominantly in photography, installation and film but will tackle just about any media that takes my fancy.  I have recently developed a love of origami, which my five year old self is quite jealous of: yes I remember when my artsy craftsy mother bought me a children’s origami kit only for me to fail miserably at it… well who’s laughing now!

I am in the process of building a loom for a large installation I am currently working on and as part of this project shall also be learning lacemaking and ceramics.

I am a failed Wiccan, failed vegan and failed skateboarder…….  However I am a pretty good cake maker and hug giver.

I am disabled through illness, a home educator, and one of my children has autism and other problems, it is this which has informed a lot of my more recent work, both directly and indirectly.

I am also a collector of ideas, a maker of mead and a lover of tea.  Oh and I’m doing an MA in Fine Art