Reflections on Womanhood

This series is based around the pressures associated with being a woman today.  Not only how we are perceived by the male dominated society in which we live, but also how we in turn define ourselves.

We are constantly reminded that we are not good enough, that our face does not fit and that we should be better.  The strange result is a new type of highly sexualised female archetype, almost masculine in her behaviour and yet desperately needy in her requirement for acceptance and love.  This series explores the strange space between the two; the mental mindfu*k that is central to being a woman in the twenty first century.

are you beautiful -- Beth Davis-Hofbauer-- Image 3
Are you Beautiful? 2014

bodies --- Beth Davis-Hofbauer -- Image 1
Bodies, 2014

Healthy Living, 2014

The Acceptable Face of Feminism --- Beth Davis-Hofbauer -- Image 2  
The Acceptable Face of Feminism, 2014
why hasn't he called -- Beth Davis-Hofbauer -- Image 4 
Why Hasn’t He Called Yet? 2014 ,


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