Percept was a show created using the work of myself and the artist Margaret Marks (from Lee on Solent) .The pieces in this exhibition relate to the philosophical concept of materiality and how we absorb the world through our senses.  It was created with an audience who suffer from sensory deprivation/SPD/ASD in mind, although the work has an affect on all those who interact with it.

Percept features video, sound, projection, light installation, giant hanging rainbow spinners, textiles and balloon installation/temporary sculpture.

Each piece in the exhibition demands to be interacted with and some pieces even have a physical affect on viewers.  I have included my pieces from this show below:

cascading-balloons-hope-floats hope-floats-installation looking up into hope floats white balloons looking-up-into-hope-floats-web hope floats installation

Hope Floats (2015)

When you are a child a balloon makes everything better. Anything and everything can be improved by being handed that rounded piece of latex filled with air. It is this thought and watching my children and their interaction with balloons and lights that influenced this piece.

Inspired by the work of William Forsythe this installation invites you to interact with your surroundings and return to that feeling of calm and excitement that you felt being handed that balloon as a child. You are invited to take off your shoes and lie under the balloon canopy to be enveloped in a sea of calm. The giant balloon above you is the shade baker-miller pink. This colour is also known as “drunk tank pink” due to its use in New York’s drunk tanks as a way to calm down agitated drunkards. No one knows why this colour has this affect but numerous studies have shown its calming and weakening influence.

giant rainbow spinners giant-rainbow-back giant-rainbow-spinners-below-web

The Light Fantastic (giant Rainbow Spinners) (2015)

As a child I loved rainbow spinners, the way they caught the light and moved with the gentlest of breezes. As an adult I wanted to explore this on a greater level. These giant rainbow spinners invite interaction, they catch the light and dance when you walk past them; the slightest movement triggering a response.


Believe (2015)

We all need believe in something, even if it’s only ourselves. This LED light display beckons the viewer to believe. The light slowly flashes and fades to indicate a sense of benign emergency.


You Are Ok (2015)

Projected onto a large screen, this video installation utilises baker-miller pink to calm frazzled nerves. Its light pulses in time with the accompanying soundscape. This music overlays samples, modified motorway sounds, children’s screams and splashing in leaves to create an immersive and almost hypnotic environment.


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