Death Is Nothing At All

Death is Nothing at All is a new work currently in progress that is one of a series of works that I am undertaking in 2017 to explore the death of my father and how we relate to love, loss, grief and redemption.


Once finished it will be a multi-channel installation with the film posted below, cut so that it is on two screens, one devoted to words and the other, to image.

The plan is for other elements to feature within the room including the preserved dead flowers from my father’s funeral sprays, in the same format they were for his cremation; and the sleeveless jacket my father used to wear when he took us on wonderful late night walks through the countryside when I was a child.

The whole piece is representative of the kind of limbo you feel on losing a parent or someone you loved and respected greatly.  It questions what death is and asks us to consider our relationship to those who have passed; reflecting on how things like flowers, birthdays, clothing and insignificant moments come to mean so much in the aftermath of significant loss.


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