Birdhouse in your Soul

Birdhouse in your soul is of course the title of a brilliant 80s (I think) song by They Might Be Giants, but it is also the title of this series I have been periodically adding to over the last few years.

I am inspired by nature, its busyness, its calming affect, the franctic and yet controlled way it goes about its business, and the contrast and similarities between this and our own lives.  Although we are part of the natural world, and influenced by it, we are also distinct from it, and are the only species consciously responsible for climate change, and other disasters.

This series examines how we co-exist with nature and explores how borrowing from, and spending time in nature can affect our mental health.

From Top the L -> R:

Life Upright, 2018, willow

Warmth, balloons, papier mache, gold varnish

Birdhouse #1, 2018, willow

A Moments Peace, 2017, video and sound

Moment’s Peace (still)

A Moments Peace, 2017, Video and Sound


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